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one for the people certified new mixtape march 2013

Bands seemed to wake from their winter hibernation in March with stalwarts Vampire Weekend dropping two of the best tracks this month and emerging talent such as Splashh and Surf Club coming back for a second bite of the cherry.

The new music didn't end with more established acts though and March saw the emergence of no less than five new acts; BAYY, Blood Sister, Echopark, My Roaring Twenties and Leeds' own Soulmates Never Die (makes a change to have someone relatively local to shout about).

Other notably good new tracks which didn't feature included Outfit, Savages, Merchandise and Wu Lyf's return as Los Porcos. Listen to the mixtape headed up by the brilliant Soulmates Never Die below and don't forget it's free to download.

01. Soulmates Never Die - The Poor Bastard
02. Splashh - Sun Kissed Bliss
03. Vampire Weekend - Step
04. My Roaring Twenties - Your Thread
05. Echopark - Teleportation
06. Surf Club  - Swoon
07. Blood Sister - Why Would You
08. Motherhood - Blood Blush
09. Work Drugs - Sunset on High Street
10. BAYY - Doctor

 **Mixtape no longer available - links to original track posts still live.