New Material: Work Drugs - Sunset On High Street

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It's been a while since we featured a Work Drugs track, if you add up the months you can work out exactly how many tracks we've not posted, but to be fair we'd been pretty prolific followers of theirs. "Sunset On High Street" has just rekindled our love and is exactly what our snow ridden country needs right now.

"Sunset on High Street" has a seriously smooth (what's new, this is Work Drugs we're talking about) yet desperate feel about it. While still beaming rays of sunlight into our frozen bones, Work Drugs seem to have found a rough edge amongst their endless feel good vibes and it really adds an extra dimension to their already very original sound.

As always you can grab a copy of "Sunset on High Street" for free below and the track is set to feature on an as yet untitled album set for release this summer.