New Music: Surf Club - Swoon (Free Download)

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More brilliant new school "indie" from Surf Club and their new track "Swoon", refer back to a previous track from Ski Lodge to hear a rant about the state of old school "indie", and what the future holds for indie lovers who aren't in it for the leather jacket.

This latest track from Surf Club is a delightful slice of indie, I know some people turn their noses up to that term so for those people, it's a delightful slice of delicate dream-pop with a surf pop edge, sprinkled with little glittery bits of shoegaze. Basically, it's catchy as f*ck.

Swoon is part of a split 7" to be released on Death Party Records and will play on the flip side to Manatee's two tracks, "Theme (Dugong-Singalong)" and "Which Way To Go". Grab a copy over at their Big Cartel. But if your as tight as a gnats arse and just want a digital copy, you can download for free below.