Tracks: Ski Lodge - Just To Be Like You

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Ski Lodge are back with "Just To Be Like You" and as the cliche goes, contrary to the view from the artwork's window, all we see though ours is rain and we're yet again yearning for summer through the medium of music.

I'll apologise now for rambling, but the thing about all this surf pop/rock is that it's basically the new-school 'indie'. How is that?

Old-school indie, which was originally bands like The Smiths through to arguably the last phase of true indie, The Libertines and The Strokes generation. Indie music is now depicted in the media as bands like Foster the People, Two Door Cinema Club and more recently acts like Swim Deep, who aren't independent, no matter how much their A&R's would like to make you believe. All this doesn't really affect too many of us, barring teens sucking up everything commercial radio throws at them and saps that believe all the stories about how guitar music is "dead".

So if old-school indie isn't even independent and hides behind a facade of it's easy to replicate looks, mannerisms and press photos. What is new-school indie or to put it correctly, indie-rock revival?

This is where acts like Ski Lodge, Surf Club, Craft Spells and Beach Fossils come in, who for us define what could now be classed as a revival. Surf pop/rock is getting back to the basic elements from where indie came from. At this point it's important to note that it's not just surf-pop forming this revival.

The genre of indie, if we insist it be one, can't be seen as anything more than independent music, combining elements commercial industry is yet to understand with some poppy, mainstream mannerisms that the general public could potentially appreciate. This is exactly how we see the rise or resurgence of surf-pop and how it can be deemed a big player in an indie-rock revival.

Notably, on this latest Ski Lodge track, Andrew Marr's vocals honk of Morrissey, wow we've come full circle. Grab a copy of the track from April 16, through Dovecote.