New Music: Vampire Weekend - Diane Young / Step

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People are slowly but surely returning from Texas this week, which is doubly nice to be honest. Firstly, because weren't there (wahhhh, sob etc etc) and secondly, because people like Vampire Weekend finally get round to showing off two new songs (an no mobile phone clips either), "Diane Young" and "Step", from their forthcoming album Modern Vampires Of The City.

Track list: 

01. Obvious Bicycle
02. Unbelievers
03. Step
04. Diane Young
05. Don't Lie
06. Hannah Hunt
07. Everlasting Arms
08. Finger Back
09. Worship You
10. Ya Hey
11. Hudson
12. Young Lion

The rockabilly influence shines through "Diane Young", while "Step" is far more somber, but arguably one of their more memorable efforts in recent outings. Make up your mind below. Catch them in London on May 8, just after the album is released.