New Music: Abadabad - All The Bros Say

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Do you remember the name Abadabad? The Brooklyn crooner (who are now a four-piece, by the way) of who we brought you tracks like "Park Slope", "California Birds" & "Indiana" almost a year ago? Well it's cool if not, as we have a new track by the name of "All The Bros Say" to get you acquainted.

And this follows suit of what has came previously. Lounging, reverberated guitars that are based around an utterly infectious chorus, such is the Abadabad way it seems (hit the above links for proof). Good job we stuck them in our 2012 'Ones To Watch' list, isn't it?

While the name Watermelon Death Safari may be saved for the full length, new EP The Wild will be released on September 1st. Hear "All The Bros Say" below.