EP Stream: Stoner Showers/Abadabad - Makeout Beach

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Talk about a summer time release. This one takes the biscuit, as Stoner Showers hooks up with Abadabad for a one of the most highly appropriate combinations we've seen in a long while.

Rightly so, Abadabad's Certified New opener for May was too good not to be released via some format. "Park Slope was, and still is, a huge gem. The Yalls remix, however, is alone a reason to buy this record. The transformation is simply incredible. Dare I say, even better?

Alongside the two previously mentioned tracks you'll find the impressive "Californian Birds" & brand new slow burner "Ashley".

Track list:

Side A: 
1. California Birds 
2. Park Slope (I'm Sorry) 
3. Ashley 
4. Park Slope (Yalls Remix)

Side B:
 5. Welcome Home 
6. True Romance 
7. I Want U 2 Know 
8. 4ever & 4ever

Dont think the B-side will let you down either. "True Romance" by Stoner Showers is a exemplary piece of fragile yet beautiful song writing. Highlighting just what potential lies within the young Brooklynite.

Its out now via Chill Mega Chill records. Download the lot here, go get the limited edition cassette for a mere $5 here. Stream it below.