New Video: The Duke Spirit - Surrender

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The Duke Spirit release "Surrender" in September and they now have a video to accompany it.

As well as releasing their new single on September 12, they'll also release Bruiser, their third album and follow up to 2008's Neptune on September 19.

Bruiser will come directly off the back of the bands brilliant Kusama EP. It's a mystery to me why the band still seem to be finding it hard to gain sufficient airplay in the UK to generate a decent level of exposure. It gets even more confusing when I've witnessed them make so many appearances at major US festivals (Coachella, etc.) and on major US TV shows, (Letterman, Leno, etc.)

Hopefully with the nearing release of "Surrender" and Bruiser we'll see a change. Bands of this quality, three albums down the line, deserve acknowledgment.

On the new LP, Liela Moss says:
"Bruiser is tough love. Bruiser is an order of seraphim singing burning praise. Bruiser is a sensual creature or a woodland demon.”
Check the tracklisting below:

1. Cherry Tree
3. Villain
4. Don’t Wait
5. Surrender
6. Running Fire
7. De Lux
8. Procession
10. Glorious
11. Victory
12. Homecoming

Watch the new video for "Surrender" below and you can also pre-order it here.