Tracks: Foster The People - Helena Beat

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Ok... so we have been saying for around six months now, when are we going to hear some new material from Foster The People after they slapped us in the face with the absolute banger of a track 'Pumped Up Kicks'....Well we have some new music!

The new track is called 'Helena Beat'. The band seem to have gone down an extremely mainstream route and it remains to be seen how their journey will turn out. One thing is for sure, they still know how to knock up a catchy synth laden pop track.

Here is a quote from the band:

"This song will be part of our Pumped Up Kicks EP which will be available on iTunes January 25th through StarTime International."

There you go, straight from the horses mouth. The band are putting the final touches on their EP and also looking at putting together some US and European tour dates. Lets hope our prediction for them to break in 2011 was correct.

Here is 'Helena Beat' and we will throw in 'Pumped Up Kicks' for good measure... Enjoy.

  Foster The People - Helena Beat

Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks