New Video: Freelance Whales - Enzymes

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Back in October we brought you the new track from Freelance Whales which had been made in conjunction with Green Label Sound.

The band now have a video to accompany it, (personally this is my favourite Freelance Whales song yet, very bold statement, I know!)

Here is a quote from their site about this new video for 'Enzymes'
"the band drifts in and out like shadows amongst the colors. The abstract lyrics called for a video loaded with special effects to mirror the song’s metaphorical richness. Co-directors Chunwoo Kae and Ryan Demler of Neue Films created a dream-like world where tears stream down faces as blood, flowers suffer spontaneous combustion, rain falls upward, and mangled-faced diners enjoy devilish birthday cake. Kae says "we used black as a transition element to seamlessly cut between the band's performance and the abstract story line." Download the song for free here."
Enjoy the video below its excellent! the song isn't bad neither.....