New Material: Freelance Whales - Enzymes

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We are big fans of Freelance Whales at 1FTP, their album Weathervanes is up there with the best of this years LP releases. Anyway check out this new track from the guys, they sound like their branching there sound out a bit, where before they had the whole, folk/rock/pop thing going on, they have now added an edge to that already brilliant sound. Here's what their record label 'Green Label Sound' has to say about their new material:

"Hailing from Queens, Freelance Whales (Judah, Chuck, Doris, Kevin, and Jake) have been treating lucky New Yorkers to their signature guerilla performances – spontaneous shows in atypical settings like train stations, street corners and yes, barns – since their early days of becoming a five-piece and releasing their much-loved debut Weathervanes. “Enzymes” is the band's latest musical creation, reminiscent of their signature indie-pop but with a new darkness echoing its contemplative lyrics."

Have a listen for yourself....

Freelance Whales - Enzymes

We're going to throw in their streaming LP 'Weathervane' just for the fun of it.....

Freelance Whales Weathervane