Tracks: Pr0files - Get It Up

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Switching styles up completely now (did you listen to Slows Down EP Stream?) LA electro-pop duo Pr0files have dropped new track "Get It Up" burrowing themselves ever deeper into that niche of theirs.

It's kind of saddening that this site was built upon guitar music foundations and those foundation at the minute are incredibly brittle. Brittle to the point that a meagre 10% of the stuff we publish now fits that demographic. But where that's failing, so many other styling's are flourishing and since the whole Drive OST and Daft Punk resurrection, electronic music's roots have been (or are more visibly) entwined with so many other new and exciting developments - with Pr0files, amongst others, being fully aware of its potential.

"Get It Up" sees Danny and Lauren drift away from the neon-lights and lovelorn night driving of previous Certified Track "Forgive"(one of my favourite tracks from '14) embracing more of a pop-tinged positive vibe and it works so well. What's also impressive, is the versatility the pair are showing in their tracks. They're four down and each track has a very different feel - looking forward to a full release.