Tracks: Only Real - Can't Get Happy

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Definitely have an on-off relationship with the music of Only Real, it's hard to even explain why but what is certain, is that this latest track - "Can't Get Happy" - is well good.

"Can't Get Happy" possesses catchy, slacker rock vibes in abundance, it's not overly cheesy, its not got this 'made for radio' feel that tracks from the likes of Palma Violets had today, and the guitars are on point. So with us having a pop at guitar music earlier - although in our eyes, this doesn't 100% constitute as a guitar track - we're happy it's allayed fears a tiny-tiny bit. It's still fucked though.

Only Real's long awaited debut LP, Jerk At The End of the Line is set for release on March 30th through Virgin EMI. Grab a pre-order.