Album Stream: Slows Down - Slows Down EP

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It's been almost a year since we decided to make debut Slows Down (aka Alexander Hawthorne) track "The Way Down Leering" a Certified Track but he's now finally set to release his debut self-titled EP.

Slows Down is self-referred to as sadcore, however we won't be using any 'core' descriptive for this EP, dark and dreary psychedelic post-rock is far more befitting and actually makes a bit of sense. Don't expect a party in your pants when you press play, this is some of the most dismal, mood driven music I've heard this side of the new year - and it's definitely not a bad thing. We need music for all emotions and if you want a pit of self-loathing to swallow you up on this most insipid  of Tuesday's, Slows Down is your man.

You can grab a physical copy of the self-titled EP as of February 23rd, head over to Slows Down's bandcamp page to pre-order and grab your-self a 'name your price' digital download while you're there.