CT14 #23: Pr0files - Forgive

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LA duo Pr0files unveil third track to date, "Forgive", part of debut Luxury EP.


File "Forgive" next to anything even remotely like what you'll have heard in Drive - if you haven't seen that film then where the fuck have you been?

Putting that aside, the duo manage to harness a partnership as poignant as what we've grown accustomed to with Phantogram. Stylistically "Forgive" is is on point, it's a breath of fresh air to be honest. I know that sounds strange considering this whole 80s electronica thing has been kicking about for a bit now, but Pr0files seem to have an extra little something - the spark to make you listen more attentively.

Debut EP Luxury was released yesterday through Straight A Records - grab a pre-order.