Tracks: Whistlejacket - Swimming Lessons

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London's Whistlejacket return pretty much half-a-year since "Melt", and "Swimming Lessons" doesn't disappoint.


It's good to know not much has changed on the Whistlejacket front - their tracks are still jam packed full of heavy, shoegaze guitar riffs and catchy melodies. It seems like an absolute age since "March Hare" blew our socks off, sounding like a cross between Slowdive and The Stone Roses and luckily we've been treat to more music.

The guitars get heavier on "Swimming Lessons", the reverb is heavier too, well in-fact everything's heavier and listening to its one minute intro, you kinda know you're going to be in for a treat - and you are. There's still nothing out there on releases but the band are set to play The Shacklewell Arms on Sunday as part of Label Mates II.