CT14 #19: Hookworms - The Impasse

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Hookworms return with news of upcoming LP The Hum and new track "The Impasse".


Hookworms have been relatively quiet of late, other than a couple of festival slots and news of this new LP come, other than the fact they warned us, as a relative surprise. Obviously MJ is constantly working with a variety of different acts on a variety of different projects, so taking that into consideration, it's no surprise they've hit the ground running with "The Impasse".

The track comes in typical Hookworms fashion, packed full of incessant energy and aggression both instrumentally and vocally - MJ sounds ready to pop a blood vessel. The best thing about Hookworms is that they don't fit into any particular bracket of style and it's obvious they take fairly thin slices of influences from tons of acts rather than lumping all their money on one horse.

You can pre-order The Hum as of now - it's released on Weird World/ Domino Records on November 10th.