Tracks: Teen Brains - Flume

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Norfolk's Teen Brains return with new track "Flume" set to feature on the next compilation from Leeds' Beech Coma.


"Flume" serves as Teen Brains' follow-up to "Annabel", which we heard back in April when the weather was starting to perk up. Now we've been hit with the new track and, well, it's starting to dull down - the weather that is.

One thing's for sure though, the band sound like they're progressing at a very pleasing rate. New track "Flume" takes things up a notch from the previous track, touching on a far more clear and less "lofi" sound - it even has echoes of TJ&MC. Hopefully the band's progression continues at such a rapid pace.

Grab a copy of Beech Coma Vol.2 and you can even take a trip down memory lane with a copy of Vol.1 over at their bandcamp page.