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Has it really been a month since our last Certified New? Well apparently so and in one of the seemingly fastest months of the year, we've been treat to a large proportion of high class free downloads.

It was only right that we opened the mixtape with Trophy Wife, on the month they announced their split and the release of their debut. From that we're treat to the energetic punk and psych rock seen on Pond, Crocodiles and Virals tracks followed by the exquisite wooze heard on new tracks from Part Time and Baywaves.

The mixtape draws to a close with two of the most beautiful and well crafted tracks we've heard in a while. Newcomers Badlands with "Sleeping Beauty" and LA's Heathers with the month's longest and probably best track, "Colossai of Memnon".

Check the full tracklisting below.

01. Trophy Wife - Glue
02. Pond - Giant Tortoise (Facebook Exclusive)
03. Jesse Ruins - Laura Is Fading
04. Virals - Wax-Work
05. Crocodiles - Cockroach
07. Baywaves - To The North
08. Parks, Squares & Alleys - Youth
09. Minks - Everything's Fine
10. Badlands - Sleeping Beauty
11. Heathers - Colossai Of Memnon