Introducing: Badlands - Sleeping Beauty (Free Download)

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It's hard to introduce someone when you know nothing about them, but as we use introducing pieces as a way of breaking new bands, I guest it's fitting we tell you about Badlands and their staunch debut (we think) "Sleeping Beauty".

We're not the first and we're not going to be the last. You'll, no doubt, already have read about the lack of information on Badlands, so what difference does it make? The track's a solid gold nugget.

"Sleep Beauty" begins with atmospheric drones and reverb drenched drum kicks, reminiscent of the '11 witchouse fad that saw Salem rise to a relative amount of fame following "King Night". Badlands don't stop there though, they combine it with a melancholic haze of dream-pop, very much like what we've come to expect from Still Corners. So if band blends are your thing, we're pitching Badlands between Still Corners and Salem.

Grab "Sleeping Beauty" for free, HERE.