New Material: Trophy Wife - Glue

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I remember first coming across "Microlite" in it's early demo stage on an extremely sparse Myspace page back in early 2010, Trophy Wife have come a long way since then and new track, "Glue", fully demonstrates that.

"Glue" is an energetic, plucky number, very much like "Microlite", only levels of production seem to have been upped tenfold. The bands lyrics seem to be going from strength to strength too. On Glue's lyrics the band said:
"It's about choice and the labyrinthine paths that open up before us prior to a decision - pre-empting the ache of hind sight and the turmoil this creates."
The band dropped another new track the other week, only we've been EXTREMELY busy of late so didn't get chance to post it. Anyway, it's going to be available as a free download on an upcoming Blessing Force compilation. I'm sure we'll remind you before then. Listen to "Heavy Touch" on Soundcloud.