Introducing: Greta Mob - The Petite Bourgeois Blues

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Greta Mob are the angry blues rock, post-punk, inbred offspring of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

It's easy to harp on about this too much, so we'll keep it to a minimum by saying how dull and boring it is coming across 30% singer-songwriters, 20% indie (last decade's news) lad bands, 20% watered down hype and 20% Daft Punk. So with 10% left (what we deem half decent music) it's even more fucking annoying that it's usually Australian bands! Personally I blame Tame Impala.

Greta Mob (Gray-ta Mob) break the mould for the current crop of emerging Australian hot cakes. The four-piece were "conceived in Wangaratta, incubated in Berlin and a Mudgee shearing shed and born in the ashes of the Sandringham Hotel in Newtown."

"The Petite Bourgeois Blues" sounds like Nick Cave on heroin or Gary Clark Jnr's playground bully. Mixed with shards of post-punk sediment, it's blues rock of the dirtiest calibre. Listen below.