Introducing: Swimming Lessons - Double

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Photo by: Katie McMillan

Leeds' Swimming Lessons have unveiled new track, "Double", once again produced by MJ of Hookworms.

Ben Lewis has well and truly done the rounds in Leeds now. He mailed us, "Double", today and it's an absolute beauty. Little did he know we've had half an eye on him for a fair while now, seeing him perform as part of various acts over the years, including Blood Oranges and Shark Teeth to name a few.

"Double" is a shimmering piece of ethereal synth-pop. Pulsing along like there's no tomorrow, the subtlety of its afro-beat percussion layered with soft and dreamy synths is exquisite. It's really hard not to think of Chad Valley while playing it back and from a personal point of view, that's a massive compliment.

Previous work from Swimming Lessons was good, but "Double" is on another level. With MJ shining his musical turds (Ben's words not ours) this could be the start of something really special.