New Material: Psychic Twin - Strangers

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We haven't spoken of Illinois duo, Psychic Twin, since the back end of 2011 when we featured "I Want To Forget". Well they're back with new single, "Strangers" set for release on Polyvinyl Records.

In that post, back in 2011 - go and read it, you will find out more about the band - we mentioned how we hoped the duo could build on their first two tracks, and with "Strangers' we can happily say, even if it has taken them over a year to do it, they've succeeded.

"Strangers" is beautifully chaotic and dreamily energetic. To put it simply, it combines the rough with the smooth. Add to this, Erin Fein's subtle and understated vocals and we've got some seriously addictive feel good vibes. Grab a copy of "Stranger" which gets a digital and vinyl release on March 5 and April 2 respectively.