New Artist: Psychic Twin - I Want To Forget

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New psychedelic electro-pop duo, Psychic Twin, have dropped their first two tracks and are coming straight outta, the coolest sounding place ever, Urbana, IL.

The duo consist of, Brett Anderson and Erin Fein... that's it, sorry. You all should know the tactic by now, as little detail as possible turns us all into suckers who want to know more. Has to be good music though. Which leads me to their two solitary tracks.

First off, "Deepest Part", on first impression you don't quite anticipate where it's going to go. It's going on another one of those summer road trips you made back in, '74, '83, '95 or whenever you went. The doped up chiming of nostalgia drenched electro-pop. It's fitting whatever decade your from.

"I Want To Forget" carries on where "Deepest Part" finished, only we're now treat to that extra gear they couldn't quite find before. With it comes a bit of urgency, the rolling wheels of bliss are well and truly in motion now and lets hope Psychic Twin can build on it.