New Artist: Connor Youngblood - Australia

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My oh my, how some things just creep up on you like Connor Youngblood just did to us. He's just added new track, "Australia" to Soundcloud and man it's smooth.

Connor is from Dallas, TX and just to get this out the way,  I can't help but hear Bon Iver in his  (most recent) music.  It's obvious too, that he's taken a massive chunk of (smart boy) inspiration from them too.

Instrumentally he adds electronic elements and runs with it. Luckily for him though, such a gamble pays off and with such obvious talent, what should we expect next?

Time can only tell I suppose, but listening back on the music he's posted to Soundcloud over the past year, it's plain to see Connor is making the small and intricate changes needed to hone his individual sound, and so far so good in our book.

Sit back and take in "Australia" below, it's the perfect tonic for anyone in a fragile state. Especially after what, for a lot of people, was a very messy and embarrassing bonfire night.