New Artist: Cheatahs - Coared

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London based - International four-piece -  Cheatahs are all set to release their debut, Coared EP, and have now offered up the title track for streaming. 

The band consists of ex-Weird Dreams member, James Wignall and Male Bonding guitarist, Nathan Hewitt. Cheatahs ain't no side project though, as all four members consider it to be their primary objective. The band can be classed as international due to the fact all four members are from different countries, England, America, Canada and Germany.

The Male Bonding and Weird Dreams influences ring out on "Coared", fuzzy, melancholic and laid back as hell! Lets all hope the record follows in the same vein. Pre-order the bands debut, which is out on June 11 through Marshall Teller.

EDIT** New Video