New Music: Male Bonding - Tame The Sun

12:30:00 Wayne 0 Comments

Dalston trio Male Bonding gave us the lengthy "Bones" was unveiled back in June, with "Tame The Sun" being another freebie today.

The track is more controlled raucousness that has made them so appealing thus far. "Tame The Sun" is a great example of this, and lets face it, it's catchy as hell too.

LP #2 'Endless now' is shaping up very nicely indeed and will be released on the 30th of this month via Sub Pop. Check the track list:

01. Tame The Sun
02. Carrying
03.Seems to Notice Now
04. Bones
05. Before It's Gone
06. What's That Scene
07. Mysteries Complete
08. Can't Dream
09. The Saddle
10. Channeling Your Fears 
11. Dig You Out

Listen to "Tame The Sun" below (click here to download).

Male Bonding - Tame the Sun

*EDIT Official video via Sub Pop