Introducing: Glaciers - BC (Free Download)

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Sometimes music takes a little while to resonate with you, perhaps needing several listens to fully appreciate a songs full potential. Other times, however, the music hits you instantly, perfectly capturing a current state or mood, as is the case with new Melbourne four piece Glaciers.

And these Aussie's are really onto something, take the already expansive opener "BC" for example. It's packed with an abundance of glittering, melancholic guitars that sees the band at an engrossing point where dreamy shoegaze meets haze dripping indie-pop. If Captured Tracks are in need of a new addition to their roster then they might just want to give this lot a call.

The bands debut collection of demos also includes "Heros" and "Reminisce", both yet further proof of the raw brilliance we're witnessing. You can download the EP for free below.