New Artist: Casablanca - I Needed To Know

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Won't be talking about Kanye West & Jay-Z's new video for Niggas In Paris today as they don't need our help. But we will be focusing on London's rising indie band Casablanca and their latest track, "I Needed To Know".

Casablanca are from the same crop that bore witness to Bombay Bicycle Club, Cajun Dance Party and Theme Park's emergence. Not bad going and with "I Needed To Know", the 17-year-old five piece look set to break out of first gear with the wheels in motion.

This new track is the direction the band should be heading in and by that I mean it's a far more solid effort than anything previous, showing a better sense of individuality, complexity and craft.

I'm pretty sure we'll hear more from the guys/lads soon, but for now you can listen to "I Needed To Know" below.

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  1. Reminds me of The National quite a bit. Nice and angsty also, could be going somewhere with this.