New Material: Jerry Tropicano - Slap Back Fields

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Thanks to a few friends in southern places, we've been keeping tabs on Jerry Tropicano for a while and newest track "Slap Back Fields" (in terms of Soundcloud) is something I can definitely dig.

In the UK, we're starting to see a gradual emergence of vintage/lo-fi sounding, psychedelic surf rock. Bos Angeles and Gross Magic are two I can think of who are adding their own individual slants on it. You can add Jerry Tropicano to that now.

Along with "Slap Back Fields" you can also listen to "Surf Trem", both tracks manage to maintain a playful distinction amidst Danny Nellis' somewhat foreboding delivery. The kind of tracks I expected Guards to follow up his original material with.

Keep and eye on Jerry Tropicano here and here.