New Music: Keep Shelly In Athens - DIY (Free Download)

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(12" tracklisting)

Wow, it's a bit of a flip-side to "Lazy Noon", but never the less, Keep Shelly In Athens have unveiled another track, "DIY", from their upcoming 12", Our Own Dream.

It's only been a week since we brought you, "Lazy Noon" in all it's euphoric glory, now we have, in stark contrast, the free download of "DIY". The track starts as you expect most KSIA tracks to start, but to our and probably your delight, it turns into something more danceable and upbeat. "DIY" pulses and bobs along in a way that could cheer even the most downbeat human. Maybe they've awoke from their very own dream?

This is definitely the track that shows the band to be not just a one trick pony and they even have some brass in there too. I know we're loving the sax but we don't mind a bit of brass here and there neither.

Listen to the song below and keep your eye on or even email Forest Family Records, to find a copy of Our Own Dream (it's sold out)