New Music: Keep Shelly In Athens - Lazy Noon (Free Download)

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Keep Shelly In Athens are almost set for a release of a new 12" EP, Our Own Dream, and have unleashed new track, "Lazy Noon" on us.

The Greek outfit have been working hard on a follow up last years EP, In Love With Dusk. The band are back to their effortlessly cool, calm and euphoric best on "Lazy Noon", after a brief stint on the more dark and moodier side of things with EP title track, "Our Own Dream".

Here's the EP tracklisting:

Side A

1. Lazy Noon 
2. Our Own Dream 
3. ABADABAD - California Birds (Keep Shelly in Athens remix)

Side B 

4. DIY 
5. Fairytale 
6. a) The Rogue Superhero b) Ready To Pay The Price

I'd like to say head on over to Forest Family Records for a pre-order of the EP but I can't as it's sold out. Listen/Download to "Lazy Noon" below.