New Music: Motherhood - Lover

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We brought you Motherhood's first track, "Heat Within Mourning", at the start of the month, now at the end we're bringing you it's follow up - "Lover".

Firstly, I'd get acquainted with Motherhood by reading our introducing piece. Then we can move on to the small matter of new track.

"Lover" is slightly slower in pace than "Heat Within Meaning" and noticeably lighter on sax. We're big on sax, that's what won us over when it came to M83's "Midnight City" in case you were wondering. 

R&B / soul elements have gradually been making way into the more experimental side of music these days. Blessing Force seem to be embracing it, though, with Chad Valley being possibly the first we noticed. 

Motherhood, aka Joe Robinson, seems to have it down to a fine art too. Those elements help make "Lover" a deliciously sensual slow burner which ultimately lives up to it's name. Maybe we'll be seeing Motherhood in our Certified New for October?  Listen below and to keep up to date here.