New Artist: Motherhood - Heat Within Mourning

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It's always exciting when someone new comes along and gets you all intrigued. You know, makes you hit the repeat button again and again. We'll call it one of the highlights of being a blogger, if you will. And yes, new artist Motherhood is doing just that right now.

Coming out of Birmingham, Joe Robinson, or Motherhood, was once 1/3 of now defunct band The Great Eskimo Hoax (along with two others who now make up bedroom dream-pop duo Pocket House, and also play in Jonquil and Trophy Wife too. I know, busy is not the word). Below you can hear the sole track available to us at present, "Heat Within Mourning". And what a mighty fine debut it is.

Opening with some isolated synths, the tracks icy cool demeanor is pretty much flawless. It trickles away with numerous sounds and effects, growing in stature as it progresses, aided by its confident, almost R&B like swagger.

'Experimental' is a word that is not used often enough these days, so thank you Motherhood for restoring it into our musical sphere.

Heat Within Mourning by Motherhoodband

Hat tip to Kit for the tip.