Tracks: Trophy Wife - Canopy Shade

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Oxxxxxxfordian trio Trophy Wife are back to grace our ears with not only a new track and future EP, but news of a forthcoming UK tour too.

It's good to see the guys back in our world, after successful singles releases and various supporting slots they have some new material of their own.

Bruxism (Noun: The involuntary or habitual grinding of the teeth, typically during sleep, FYI) consists of five tracks (see below) and is due for release on October 17 via their very own Blessing Force label. Bravo guys.

What is it? You may wonder. Indie house? Minimalist dance? Disco-wave? Not that it matters mind. Opener "Canopy Shade" sounds AMAZING, regardless. Agreed?

Here's the track list for Bruxism. Do note, each track has a different producer.

1. Canopy Shade (Produced by Plaid and Trophy Wife)
2. Bruxism (Produced by James Yuill and Trophy Wife)
3. Seven Waves (Produced by Andrew Halford, Aidan Laverty and Trophy Wife)
4. Sleepwalks (Produced and mixed by Ewan Pearson)
5. Wolf (Produced by Yannis Philippakis)

*EDIT New video for "Canopy Shade"


  1. brilliant band! but i do't know any about their discography somebody can help me¿?

  2. Check this out: and also there's 4 more links to other stories about Trophy Wife just above you comment. Phill