New Artist: Pocket House - Planet A Thought

14:01:00 Wayne 0 Comments

Oh look, another talented group from Oxford (albeit via Birmingham), Yawwwn. We're joking, of course, and Pocket House are the latest to emerge from a place that has already given us the likes of Trophy Wife, Fixers, Jonquil and another little band you probably wont of heard of called Foals.

Formerly together in The Great Eskimo Hoax, the duo of Andrew Halford (who also plays live with Trophy Wife) & Dom Hand (who you may have seen hitting drums in Jonquil) make up the band.

Their subtle, beautifully layered dream-like sounds take you on a trip to somewhere new, somewhere almost euphoric.

The latest track they have uploaded is "Planet A Thought", a more upbeat, direct track than the previous two, and is another welcome addition to the duo's ever flourishing, diverse sound.

Listen to all three tracks below, and keep your ears pinned for more Pocket House in the not too distant.