New Artist: Magic City - Your Eyes

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Initially spotted over at IGIF, Chicago four piece Magic City got in touch with us soon after to bring their new track "Your Eyes" to our attention. And wow,  I must say, its ticking all the right boxes at the minute.

Firstly though, your introduction. Magic City are relatively new outfit, consisting of Lauren Whitacre, Colin Croom, Bubbly Salveson & Claude Abbott. They also have a debut EP - 'Little Bits' - out now digitally with a cassette release following on November 11th via neighbours Feel Trip records.

Taken from that is the aforementioned "Your Eyes" - a hazy trip of scuzzy, shredded guitars and beautifully crafted, swooning melodies. All seamlessly juxtaposed which culminates in an utterly alluring listen.

Stream the bands 'Little Bits' EP here, listen to "Your Eyes" below.