New Artist: Just A Number 05272011 - The Pain

15:49:00 Wayne 0 Comments

Coming from the Isle Of Man (apparently, although Scandinavia seems your best bet) newcomers Just a Number 05272011 are your latest dose of internet hype.

As with acts like Vondelpark or Christian AIDS, these guys have the work to back it up, although its taken numerous listens to bring me round, I'll be honest. Finally though I'm staring to warm to those strained female vocals and the layers of droning synths.

Only two tracks thus far and we're eager to hear more, weather they're from the UK or otherwise.

One final thing, the date 27/05/2011 (in UK terms), a release date? Maybe not, but perhaps its all a well crafted marketing plan by some PR firm who have (finally) cottoned onto the fact that people will go ape shit about a band if they are all mysterious and secretive. Just a thought though, dont quote me.