Slow Motion: A Visual Mixtape

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Slow Motion - A Visual Mixtape - is a project by Chicago blog Flashlight Tag & California based Stadiums & Shrines, matching some of the finest up and coming musicians with some of the industries most creative film makers

A quote from FT outlines the projects intent:

"The idea initially was to recruit a few meditative sounds and sequence them into auditory motion. Then it swelled into eleven videos, taking that notion of motion more literally. We saw an opportunity here not only to showcase some of our favorite musicians, but to highlight a growing number of talented visual artists; specifically those in the Vimeo community crafting outside traditional music video means."

For Foxes In Fiction's "School Night" the ever impressive Jamie Harley took charge of the visuals, taking footage from the 1969 movie 'A Day With The Boys"

Other notable inclusions are Panaframe (Dirty Gold, Jensen Sportag), Wooden Lens (Blouse, Catwalk) & Stephane Cafarella (Tamaryn, Best Coast) who made this video for Cemeteries' new track "Home".

You can download the full 11 tracks for free here - & order the cassette (only 20 made) here at Orchard Tapes.