New Artist: Bazooka - I Want To Fuck All The Girls In My School

18:40:00 Wayne 0 Comments

The artist is Bazooka. The track is "I Want To Fuck All The Girls In My School", which is totally outrageous, right? Keep reading though...

Bazooka are a post punk / garage rock band from Athens. That much we do know. Apparently they're going to be playing some live shows around Europe in April / May, so keep an eye out for more info as and when it drops.

"I Want To...." is another one that I had to take the 15 second test with, but needless to say its come out overwhelmingly positive in the end. Don't let those heavily fuzzed, droning guitars put you off, it gets much friendlier, perhaps even melodic, as the raw, scuzzy track progresses. 

So messed up and wrong its actually right. Hear it below.

  Bazooka - I Want to Fuck All the Girls in My School