New Artist: Christian Aids - Stay Positive

15:20:00 Wayne 0 Comments

2011 is already shaping up to be a memorable year for new music. And after bringing you news of Telekinesis yesterday we have more new talent with the rather controversially named 'Christian Aids'. The best compliment I can give them at this point is that they remind me of a more civil, more organised Crystal Castles with a hint of post 90's hacienda-rave thrown in for good measure (New genre: 'Post Hacienda Doom-Wave'?)

All we know is they're from Manchester, and while there isnt much else to go on we're guessing these guys (like a certain Wu Lyf) aren't ones for publicity either. The subtle response to 'record label: ' on their Myspace page is "WE DONT WANT ONE'. Simple as that.

You can find Christian Aids playing at Manchesters Ruby Lounge in March, perhaps then things will be a little clearer. Until then, here's the quite brilliant "Stay Positive" (download here)