Introducing: Chelou - You're So Good

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Chelou may very well be a bit of a mystery at the minute but his music certainly isn't. So far he's supported Thurston Moore and hot newcomers All We Are, and now he's prepping the release of debut Mothership EP. He's doing that through the release of this - "You're So Good" - staunch number.

First off, Chelou is french for shady but, although it's looking like a bit of a recurring pattern in not really knowing too much about the guy, it's not like he hasn't got an internet or even live presence and who gives a shit about his background when he's producing stuff like this anyway?

"You're So Good", for me, bares resemblance to past stuff we heard from Meke Menete, who later turned out to be Manchester's Money - he's not that much like Money, just a bit more of a produced Meke Menete. Haunting, echoing instrumentals, vocals, and plucky guitars form the backbone of the track and it keeps pretty much the same thing going on throughout. Its sensual and addictive and kinda gritty. Listen below.