CT15 #10: Wolf Alice - Bros

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Wolf Alice have unveiled a new re-worked version of one of their first ever tracks and personal favourite, "Bros".

"Bros" which basically benefits from a far, and when I say far I mean FAR, better production but other than that, most other elements stay the same including vocal delivery from ridiculously good, Ellie Rowsell. The track now has a stadium filling sound and just shows the progress Wolf Alice have made in such a short space of time. Typically we hate re-works, but on this occasion the band have turned a good track into something huge and that's why it's now our 10th Certified Track of 2015, making that two for Wolf Alice now.

Debut LP My Love Is Cool is slated for a summer release date of June 22nd through Dirty Hit. You can grab a pre-order of the vinyl (always the vinyl link) here.