Tracks: Ski Lodge - Our Love Is Over Now

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We haven't featured Ski Lodge since "Just To Be Like You" almost exactly two years ago. When we hailed them as the 'new school' indie, a form of independent guitar-based music capable of surfing the void of commercial and non-commercial. While latest track "Our Love Is Over Now" bares absolutely no resemblance to the aforementioned track barring vocalist, it's quality and craft is still there for all to see.

Fellow blog, All Things Go described "Our Love Is Over Now" as being like 'sitting at a cafe in London drinking a black coffee while it slowly starts to rain' - well that's almost exactly what we're doing now and to be honest, it's sad - very sad. So well done, description was on point Sydney. This is one of the saddest songs that I've actually liked in a long time, and we're all about the positive vibes here. Andrew Marr's vocals are as melancholic and Morrissey-esque as ever, which suits the tracks vibe perfectly.

"Our Love Is Over Now" is to feature as the b-side to previous track "Trust" and you can grab a copy over at Ski Lodge's official site.