Tracks: Crocodiles - Crybaby Demon

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Been a while since the name of Crocodiles crossed our lips, but it's glad to have them back sounding nigh-on the same with "Crybaby Demon".

Oddball would definitely still be a word to describe Crocodiles, but this new track sounds like they've grown and started to work with a more-varied range of influences - in this case recording in Mexico. The band have confessed these influences, and it's oh-so obvious listening back. "Crybaby Demon" has echoes of psychedelia, mixed with sprinklings of Latin-American percussion. Fuzzy guitars are still an ever-present but it sounds less over-powering, something they we're maybe a bit guilty of before - for all that we liked it.

"Crybaby Demon" is set to feature on Crocodiles' upcoming LP Boys set for release through Zoo Music on