Tracks: Black Honey - Madonna

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Having been to see Black Honey only a week-or-so back, new track "Madonna" is fresh in our minds from the set, one that closed to vocalist Izzy nearly shaving someones wig straight off with her guitar.

I don't know who the fuck keeps making up this guitar music is dead consensus, but they're obviously not looking hard enough/been spoon fed by their mothers up to and beyond the age of consent. It's fine as it is, just minding its own business and going about its day to day life with other like-minded individuals, ones that don't rely on radio1's daily playlist to dictate their music tastes. Having said that, I see Black Honey making that list one day and rightly so.

Focusing on the music now, "Madonna" is on the more raucous side of the Black Honey plate. It oozes attitude, doesn't over complicate things and has a killer chorus. It's not hard, in fact it's very easy and that's exactly what we expect from Black Honey.

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