Introducing: Shana Falana - Heavenstay

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Mike Amari, Shana Falana

New York psychedelic drone-pop duo Shana Falana is the namesake of Shana Falana and drummer Mike Amari, who make the brightest and most shimmering take on dream-pop you're likely to hear.

The duo have signed to Team Love Records and with release their debut LP, Set Your Lightning Fire Free on April 7th. "Heavenstay" is the first track we're to hear from the release and to call it an anthem would be nearing an understatement. Towering choruses, glittering reverb, addictive and droney vocals pair to near perfection on a two minute-plus ride as exhilarating as it is enlightening.

You can grab a copy of Shana Falana's debut LP, Set Your Lightning Fire Free from the Team Love Records website.