Introducing: Sundara Karma - Loveblood/The Night

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Sundara Karma Loveblood

Having had an on/off relationship with blogging over the past year-or-so, we've naturally missed some truly brilliant new music, and the stuff Reading four-piece Sundara Karma have been producing is just that.

"Loveblood" which has just been added to the Radio1 playlist (that means nothing to us, but exposure-wise it's obviously the pinnacle) and latest track "The Night" are both the kind of unabashed indie-rock/pop that this country seems to be running dry of lately. It's production is spot on, nothing lo-fi in sight, very 'ear-wormy' with a solid chorus. It's ready made for radio and, with that in mind, interesting to see if the band tow-the-line or turn into another A&R-driven, One Direction rip-off.

Sundara Karma's debut release, EP1 is out through Believe Recordings on February 23rd.