CT15 #2: Purity Ring - Begin Again

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Having gone missing for most of November and December last year, we negelcted to inform you of the new stuff from Purity Ring, including previous track "Push Pull". Well off the back of that, the duo have unveiled details of their Shrines follow up, Another Eternity and dropped new track "Begin Again".

So, with minimal effort, "Begin Again" becomes the second track of the year so far, to attain our Certified Track status. It's far heavier than previous track "Push Pull" and borders on anthemic, with it's huge, and fairly typical of Purity Ring now, drone. The duo look to have shifted away from the electronic dancefloor sound of tracks like "Ungirthed" now and seem to be making this anthemic brood their own.

Another Eternity (buy) will be released through, the simply brilliant, 4AD on March 3rd.